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Fancy Food

The Twin Cities boasts world renowned restaurants and chefs.

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Jazz or Punk?

Nightclubs and music venues for all genres and styles.

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Shops for Spending

Check out local boutiques and find the best at MOA.

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Twin Cities MN

Twin Cities Entertainment, Dining, and Music.

Twin Cities MN Entertainment, Dining, and Music

It's more than just geographic proximity.

The Twin Cities is a unique arts and culture hub that makes natives proud and attracts visitors from all over the world. With its eclectic restaurants, modern architecture, and historic neighborhoods, the Twin Cities metro area offers something for everyone.

From the hustle of downtown business activity to lazy afternoons spent by the river and at the lakes, Minneapolis and St. Paul combine to form one of the largest and fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country.

Whether you need to find a great restaurant before going to a concert or art gallery, or are looking to plan your agenda for a weekend trip to the Twin Cities the articles and content here at will help you plan for events in any season!


Twin Cities MN

Bone Adventure

Pet gear and grooming.

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Acme Comedy Company

One of the top 5 comedy clubs in the nation

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The Twin Cities Marathon

The most beautiful urban marathon in America.

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Twin Cities MN